Weather Related Delays/Closings

Hurricane Irma is almost out of our system. Residents of Florida are going home to see the devastation but there is still another hurricane in the Atlantic brewing, Hurricane Jose. You didn’t forget about him did you? Well the people in the Carbine can’t forget about this hurricane. Right now he is a catagory 1 […]

As we’ve been watching what’s happening in Florida with Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Irma and what Hurricane Harvey have been doing, we’ve all wondered about the reporters who are in the middle of it. Why? The huffington Post posted an article about why reporters risk their lives to report on storms. Most of the reporters […]

After Hurricane Katrina, Hollywood got together and hosted a telethon across all of the broadcast networks to raise money for New Orleans and surrounding areas. Now Hollywood is doing it again to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. We all just want to know if Kanye West will comeback and make his famous statement about […]

There is another tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Jose! Yes, you read that right. Jose is east of Hurricane Irma. Currently, Jose is the 10th tropical storm of the season with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. Storm watchers are keeping an eye on Jose and Irma. Hopefully this will be all […]

A warmer Arctic could have an effect on the pattern of the high altitude polar jet stream; in plain english, scientist predict colder and longer winters for North America.  Jennifer Francis is a climate expert at Rutgers Univ., she says the Arctic air has warmed because of melting polar ice caps, so there’s less of […]

Frigid weather will sweep across North Carolina tomorrow morning, expect temperatures in the low teens. School districts in Wake, Cumberland, Franklin, Lee and Person counties will operate on a two-hour delay Tuesday morning due to expected cold temperatures. A WIND CHILL ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO NOON EST TUESDAY– A wind chill advisory […]

Parts of Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey got at least 3 inches of snow.  the Eagles, Lions football game in Philadelphia was played in up to 3 inches of snow.  The National Weather Service says the high pressure system from North Carolina to New England is beinbg caused by moist air.  The forecast isfor a […]

Now that we’ve turned our clocks/watches back to Eastern Standard Time, the cold weather isn’t far away.  Check your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditing) system; if it’s not working properly it could cost you this winter; plus you don’t want a poor performing heating system on COLD winter nights.  Get ready for winter by followiung these tips. […]

States along the East Coast were pummeled as Superstorm Sandycame crashing ashore. The storm officially made landfall along the coast of southern New Jersey, but it is affecting a much wider area. By early Tuesday, nearly 6.5 million customers were without power across 13 states and the District of Columbia, according to the latest CNN […]

Beth Bartley clutched anything within reach to steady herself on the bathroom floor of her shuddering Manhattan apartment. Sandy had knocked out power. East 96th Street below was a river. And she was trapped on the fifth floor as heavy winds battered her usually sturdy building. “The winds were so strong that the building heaved. […]

The massive hurricane barreling toward the East Coast has both presidential campaigns throwing out their fourth-quarter playbooks, canceling events in the storm’s track and attempting to balance last-minute intensity with a show of compassion for people whose lives could be upended. On Sunday, politicos from both sides said it was still too early to tell […]

Hurricane Sandy has already grounded more than 3,000 flights. According to Flightaware, more than 700 flights were canceled on Sunday alone, and almost 2,500 are already canceled for Monday. Officials are warning travelers to expect delays and cancellations to the northeast for the next several days. At RDU, crowds are packing airline counters as frustrated […]