Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee is standing by the alleged claim made in a story on his website on Tuesday that Queen Elizabeth II has died after being diagnosed with a mild case of COVID-19. The aftermath has many on social media buzzing and questioning the validity of the story and Lee's own credibility.

In a career that spans five decades, Laurence Fishburne has portrayed kingpins, fathers, leaders and the common man. Take a look back at some of his most memorable roles in this special birthday gallery.

John David Washington has starred in Hollywood blockbusters in addition to smaller films that emphasize a message over mayhem. On his 37th birthday, we look at a few photos of the rising star alongside his famous pop.

Marlon Wayans started well before the 1992 comedy-drama classic Mo’ Money written by one of his older brother’s Damon Wayans. He also made his first appearance in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. We have continued to laugh our ass off at him from The Wayan’s Brothers to White Chicks to Netflix movies like Naked & […]

Well, this Coronavirus is spreading by the second. As the days go by, more and more public figures are getting caught with the deadly virus. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were the first celebrities to come out with the Coronavirus. Chet Hanks, son of Tom & Rita came out to social media shortly after the announcement of […]

Multiple employers were on-hand to take resumes and speak to employment hopefuls. Resources to help with resume building and career development were also present.

What an amazing day of learning. The community came out in force to MLK Community Day 2020 at the Black History Museum & Cultural Center. The event was hosted by Community Clovia with a performance by Rap-Unzel. Guest speakers included Elijah Lee, Cameron Bertrand and Wallace “Wallo267” Peebles. See all the fun and education: