So, you send your child to school with, let’s say, a very “natural” style. The teacher looks at your child’s head and decides to step in. The teacher combs and braids your child’s hair. You mad? This actually happened. The teacher took before and after photos and posted them on Facebook.    

Forty-nine year old Lorie Ann Hill had a very bad first day of work. She showed up at her Oklahoma school drunk and missing the bottom half of her ensemble. School officials called police. Upon arrival, authorities found the teacher alone in a classroom and determined that she was under the influence. They also said […]

Gov. Pat McCrory and top legislators announced a teacher raise yesterday. Here’s the catch: The raise ONLY affects new teachers. There is nothing for veteran teachers. Text “Foxy” To 24042 for your chance at ticket giveaways and news before anyone else!…Standard Messaging Rates Apply The proposal would lift the base pay for new teachers from […]

A Georgia student was suspended for a full year for hugging a teacher. The teacher claims it was sexual harassment. As a result, he will not graduate on time. Watch the video and see if you agree with the decision.  

A New Mexico high school student who was attired in Santa garb was informed by his teacher that he can’t be Santa because Santa is white. His father says his son was embarrassed by the teacher’s statement and now wants nothing to do with Christmas. According to CNN, the teacher later contacted the boy’s mother […]

A new graphic is making the rounds on the internet. It shows the extreme pay disparity between North Carolina teachers and other teachers across the country. The graphic focuses specifically on pay changes in the last decade. It doesn’t look good for our state. North Carolina has not increased teacher pay in five years, according […]

A married Minnesota teacher could face up to 10 years in jail for paying a student $120 to delete cellphone footage of him fondling her breasts, police reported. Terina Ann Parr, 44, is also accused of kissing and “inappropriately touching” the unnamed 17-year-old when they were alone at Fertile-Beltrami High School. Parr  denies the charges […]

I recently read a New York Times article that explained the interesting concept of “perceptual learning,” which involves training the mind to memorize patterns rather than just learning concepts straight off. This method is being investigated by a small group of scientists who have evidence that proficiency improves when students in schools are groomed to […]

WCHB – Florida Representative Kelli Stargel has submitted a controversial ideal for education reform, suggesting that teachers should grade parents just like the grade students. She explains: “We have student accountability, we have teacher accountability, and we have administration accountability. This was the missing link, which was, look at the parent and making sure the […]

VIA: WRAL.COM A former Durham elementary school teacher is accused of taking indecent liberties with a student. Ariel Allen, 25, was arrested and charged with indecent liberties on July 9, authorities said. He was released from jail the same day after posting a $15,000 bond. MORE

David Jones, the principal of Jamie’s House Charter School pleaded not guilty this morning to a misdemeanor charge of failure to report child abuse. He is one of four workers from the charter school charges in connection to a beating of a 13-year-old student in April. In April, Sheri Davis was accused of physically hitting […]