Brian Tyree Henry recently sat down with Keith Murphy and our partners over at Cassius to talk about his life and career as a Hollywood star. The post Actor Brian Tyree Henry Uses Acting To Remind Black Folks That They Can Do Anything appeared first on NewsOne.

The Chair of the Fulton County Commission is calling into a criminal investigation of the allegations against R. Kelly, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. According to an exclusive story from BuzzFeed News, sources say R. Kelly is holding several women in his Atlanta home where he “controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they […]

About 70 men from 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Emerging 100 of Atlanta, The Collegiate 100 and the 100 Black Men of America greeted students from the all boys school Best Academy Of Atlanta on the first day. The sixth through twelth grade students were surprised by the warm greetings, high-fives and hugs that awaited them […]

The Georgia Department of Transportation faced another roadway crisis as a portion of Interstate-20 buckled due to a damaged gas line. Traffic came to a screeching halt as part of I-20 West buckled around noon, WSB-TV reports. All lanes of traffic were closed until about 4:30 p.m. when two lanes were reopened. GDOT aims to […]

Traffic in Atlanta is a nightmare. But things just got worse. Way worse. Interstate 85 has been shut down in both directions after a raging fire cause one of the interstate’s bridges to collapse yesterday. Thankfully, no one was injured when the bridge collapsed. Moments before, police had directed all traffic away from the bridge. […]

The Democratic National Committee elected former Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez as its new chair on Saturday.

Keitra Bates received a fellowship to jump start an online enterprise after she closed a popular pizza cafe when the landlords raised the rent.

Black stars and creatives shined bright at the 2017 Golden Globes, and their talent would not be denied.

In the class, students explore how Black social movements have contributed to empowerment within the African-American community.

A lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court in Alameda County, alleges that workers were ordered to use certain codes to identify Black customers at a Versace location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Doris Payne, 86, was caught trying to steal a bracelet worth $2,000 at the Von Maur department store in Perimeter Mall.

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