Join Us November 13th, 2021 from 11 AM-4 PM at the Raleigh Convention Center for the Healthy, Whole, And Living Out My Dreams With Tabitha Brown. Enjoy this time for us as women share the importance of mental health and clarity, stress management, self-care, self-love, time management, career planning, work/life balance, life beyond the trauma, […]

See pictures from 2017's Healthy Wealthy and Wise!

Sponsor Name: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Seminar Title: Understanding The Affordable Care Act – Get Covered Now! Panelist Name and Title: Sandra Miller Jones, Founder and CEO of Segmented Marketing Services Inc. (SMSi); Lafayette Jones, President of SMSi Urban Call marketing and Publisher of Urban Call magazine. This session will cover the basics […]

The health benefits of apples include fighting dental problems, diabetes, heart disease, at least 8 types of cancer, and some say maybe even Alzheimer's.

Interested in shedding those unwanted pounds? No need to starve yourself or do something drastic.

There are several things you can do to try to achieve a flatter stomach and believe it or not, it doesn't just involve exercising.

There are 5 vitamins essential for beautiful skin. 


When it comes to staying healthy and aging well, there are so many things we need to consider. We have to exercise, maintain a good mental attitude, get enough sleep, engage in healthy relationships, take care of our skin and, of course, near the top of the list of factors that contribute to great health […]

Black millennials are shattering the old taboos in the Black community about mental health.

When we meditate and pray we get in the spiritual mindset of the creator, which compliments whatever the religious interpretation may be.

Performer: One Voice One Voice the Hillside High School Drama Department’s premiere acting troupe, will be performing at Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise. One Voice is a voice for youth empowerment. The group consists of 8 – 12 students who are serious about Theatre and the Arts. The students are chosen amongst a group of nearly 100 active […]

Trust us, you’re going to want to take notes before you tie that knot!