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McDonald’s wants to thank educators with a free breakfast. Beginning Monday, Oct. 11 through Oct.15, teachers, school staff and administrators can get a free “Thank You Meal” at participating restaurants nationwide during breakfast hours. To get the meals, a valid work ID is required. However, there is a limit of one per person during breakfast […]

We have enough to worry about with the pandemic, but now there’s one more thing. Starting in 2021, debt collectors will be able to reach out to you on social media, via text message and email. These new rules were established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Here’s the good news: You still have rights. […]

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media feeds while watching TV, sitting on the doctor’s office, or sipping coffee in a cafe? Could cutting back on social media make you happier? The answer appears to be yes! Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that limiting time on social media lead to a reduction […]

If you’re not already following Anthony Hamilton on Instagram, please do so, NOW. Here are 5 great reasons…

Lynne Patton, an event planner appointed by Donald Trump to a key position at HUD has apologized after insulting journalist April Ryan on Wednesday. Patton who oversees billions of dollars in federal funds as head of the agency’s New York and New Jersey office, called journalist Ryan “Miss Piggy,” and social media and Ryan claps […]

Is this the way the new leader of the free world behaves? Will someone please take his phone away! Trumps recent tirade against #FakeNews, encourages violence against journalists, it’s embarrassing. In the video, Trump is portrayed wrestling and punching a figure whose head has been replaced by the logo for CNN. Take out Poll: Must […]

The power of forgiveness among African-Americans in the midst of devastating tragedy is a remarkable testament to faith. I was struck by the way Robert Godwin’s children seemed so at ease as they spoke softly about forgiving Steve Stephens for senselessly killing their father last week on a Cleveland sidewalk and then callously uploading the […]

Post your question on social media, tag the station, and include hashtag #tarajitalks. A few lucky fans will have their question selected and asked in a Q & A with the Empire star during WE 2017.

If found guilty, Officer Gwendolyn Bishop could lose up to 30 vacation days and also faces a year of probation.

In the end, social media may be the reason some of these children get home safely.

The photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting with her feet on the oval office couch dominated the conversation on social media.

A survey finds that most teachers hesitate to introduce social media in the classroom. Here are three ways to get started.