Chipotle is paying for making people sick. The food chain has to pay a $25 million fine for making people sick from foodborne illnesses between 2015 and 2018. More than 1,100 people got sick, according to reports. “Chipotle failed to ensure that its employees both understood and complied with its food safety protocols, resulting in […]

More than 100 people have been sickened and many of them claim to have eaten at a Chipotle in Ohio.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

According to multiple news reports, a Chipotle in Virginia was forced to close after multiple customers got sick after eating at the location in Sterling last week. According to CNBC, Chipotle employees have told them that workers are forced to work while sick. Norovirus, which has been responsible for the Virginia illnesses, is commonly spread […]