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Chipotle To Close Restaurants For Few Hours For Food Safety Meeting

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According to multiple news reports, a Chipotle in Virginia was forced to close after multiple customers got sick after eating at the location in Sterling last week.

According to CNBC, Chipotle employees have told them that workers are forced to work while sick. Norovirus, which has been responsible for the Virginia illnesses, is commonly spread by infected people handling food.

One employee told CNBC via email, “Two weeks ago [I] came to work, felt like I was going to puke, just felt awful. One of my managers told me if I don’t find someone to cover my shift, I’m going to have to stay. Mind you, my position was on line working with food.”

A user on Reddit who identified themself as a Chipotle employee wrote on the social site, “Isn’t it against company policy to work with a fever anyway? Today I was told I was not allowed to blow my nose during peak for about an hour and a half. If I’m dripping snot, shouldn’t that constitute too sick to work with food anyway?” This quote was printed by CNBC.

Another Reddit user wrote, “On nights where we were super busy my GM has had me just fill in correct temps,” or lie about food temperatures on food safety sheets to save time, one Reddit user wrote two months ago. “I feel uncomfortable doing this but don’t know what to do.”



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