On Sunday, California Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Laphonza Butler to fill the Senate seat left vacant after Senator Dianne Feinstein's passing last Thursday. Butler will be the third Black woman in the Senate & California's first LGBTQ person in the role.


With rappers such as Meek Mill, Killer Mike and YG in attendance, California Governor signed a bill that will limit the use of rap lyrics in criminal cases!

.River Valley High School football players in Yuba City, California, were not expelled for their role in a racist slave auction video posted on TikTok. The post No Expulsions After Racist ‘Slave Auction’ Staged By High School Football Players In Viral Video appeared first on NewsOne.

You may have heard about the story in California where a woman intentionally coughed on a stranger’s baby because she was upset that the child’s mother wasn’t following social distancing guidelines while waiting for a frozen yogurt order. Police identified the coughing woman and it turns out that she works for the  Oak Grove School […]

A college freshman at Laney College in California was appalled when her math instructor requested that she not use her legal name because he said it sounded offensive. Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen said that her trigonometry instructor requested that she use a name more “anglicized” name. Nguyen said that she had been looking forward to […]

Nightclubs , bars and restaurants, grocery stores, places of worship, concerts, yoga class , bus stations, movie theaters, schools,  airports, college campuses, and sporting events. All these places have been the site of gunmen who can get a gun and make unexpected victims out of innocent people. These homegrown terrorist are getting a hold of weapons […]

Let people live! Another woman called police on a street vendor this week. The woman was on the phone with police until a Black man stepped in and started recording her.   This is the man who started recording the woman. According to later posts, this is the woman who called police on the street […]

Sigh. Add this to the list of things we can’t do…check out of an Airbnb with luggage. A group of Black women were vacationing in California and had the police called on them because a White neighbor saw Black people leaving a house with luggage and thought they were stealing.  According to reports, the White […]

    Stacy Dash took to her Twitter account to ask her supporters how they would feel if she used her extensive background to run for office. A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office Dash, an outspoken conservative, was fired as a contributor on Fox News after she […]

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The Oakland City Council passed the Equity Permit Program; an initiative designed to offer reparations to those affected by the Drug War.

Kamala Harris is #BlackGirlMagicpersonified. While most of were cringing at the results on November 8th 2016, the state of California gave us a glimmer of hope after naming Harris, its Attorney General, as only the second black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. But this isn’t her first time making history in politics. She was also […]

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According to President Donald Trump, a replacement for the Affordable Care Act may not come until 2018.