Judge Glenda Hatchett, best known for her television court show Judge Hatchett, will handle legal matters for the family of Philando Castile.

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Sigh. Talk about 'Clueless.' Stacey Dash continues to prove she shouldn’t be allowed to speak, especially in a public forum.


President Barack Obama is slated to travel to Florida on Thursday to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting.

We all remember it. That “tribute” Madonna did in honor of Prince at the Billboard Awards. And then, BET threw that most historic shade at Madonna over her performance. Remember?     Then, Madonna got all in her feelings after she was blasted on social media and because BET created a whole promo to show […]

Get into a good groove with a few great shows airing over the holiday weekend.

So, last night Madonna did her “tribute” to Prince. In case you missed it (or just want to torture yourself again,) here it is.     Ahem. So, moving on, BET apparently was NOT pleased and threw major shade at Madonna’s performance.   Well, now the pressure is on BET to bring it next […]

The long awaited New Edition miniseries is getting bigger with each casting update. As we’ve previously reported, Empire’s Bryshere Gray will will be joined by Elijah…


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently said he would force Mexico to create a border wall that would halt billions of dollars Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. send back to their native country.

  Zoe Ever After follows the story of Zoe Moon, played by Grammy award winning singer Brandy, as she tries to step out of the…

Stacey Dash set a new standard for clueless when she recently told Fox News: We” need to make up our minds on if we want segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards.” To continue her viewpoint, she claimed that […]