The Big Game is approaching (GO, PANTHERS!) What is your must have food for game day?    

The Big Game is this weekend and 1.25 billion chicken wings will be consumed during the game, and 7.5 million households will buy new TVs. Companies are expected to spend $359 million on ad time, each 30-second advertisement costs about $4.5 million, and social media will be a buzz. Who do you predict will win […]

I realized this morning that I’m the parent who agreed to provide snacks for the Halloween party at school. And the snacks have to be healthy, so I can’t pick up a package of mini cupcakes decorated like pumpkins from the grocery store. So, I headed over to Pinterest and put together a bunch of […]

If snacks could only talk. Well, actually, the latest grain-based snacks from Cornfields, Inc. do. Introducing, Hi I’m Skinny™, a new line of snacks that…

Before the last morsel is devoured or sold on e-bay here’s a few Twinkies recipes to try. Twinkies Recipes

How’s this for a Super Bowl party. Skip the wings, chips, dips and beer, take your meds at halftime and, while you’re at it, do some deep-breathing meditation. And don’t get too excited about the score. Read More