Scammers have a new scam they’re trying to get you to fall for. People are getting packages in their mailboxes that contain money orders from the postal service that amount to thousands of dollars. There’s a note telling you that you’ve been selected as a mystery shopper and instructs you to deposit the money orders […]

The scammers are busy and have found a new way to get your coins. The latest scam involves the money thieves pretending to be Cash App customer support. They list a fake phone number on the internet on a fake website. When you try to call the number for help, they ask for your login […]

The city of Rocky Mount urges utility customers to be cautious of scammers who falsely threaten disconnection of services in order to receive money. Recently, city utility customers have reported receiving phone calls from scammers who falsely identify themselves as city of Rocky Mount employees, demanding payment via phone, late fees and threatening possible disconnection. […]

Small business owners: Don’t be fooled by phishing attempts or unsolicited emails claiming to be from the SBA or related to Paycheck Protection Program federal relief. Here’s what to watch for: In March, the federal government enacted a $2 trillion federal relief package—the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)—to help offset some […]

Beware! The Raleigh Police wants you to know that the scammers are trying to get your stimulus checks that are arriving in the mail. Their post read: Stimulus checks will be arriving soon if you did not receive them through direct deposit. Please be careful and aware of these scams. Thank you IRS for the […]

Whenever there’s an emergency situation, best believe that the scammers are plotting and planning to get their hands on your coins. This pandemic is no different. Since we’re all at home using the internet, the scammers are targeting us online with fake coupons and fake grocery delivery sites. LISTEN LIVE TO FOXY 107.1/104.3 Download The […]

A statement from North Carolina’s Attorney General, Josh Stein, addresses scammers attempting to take advantage of our state’s residents during the pandemic: Our office has received reports of scammers going door to door in neighborhoods selling coronavirus testing kits and cleaning supplies. This activity could be both a scam and a pretense to enter your […]

There’s a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using an iPhone with a thermal imaging camera that fits directly onto the phone’s screen. How do you safeguard your PIN codes from getting stolen from thermal cameras? Here’s a simple solution, after you enter your PIN code, rest your hand over […]