Last night the city of Raleigh returned to a place of peace. While instituting a curfew was not an easy decision, it was necessary to end the series of violence and destruction we had experienced throughout the weekend. The safety and security of our community is my top priority, and as such, I am extending […]

It’s hard to ignore the turn of events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. Clashes between protesters and racists on Saturday, led to the death of 32-year-old Virginia native Heather Heyer, and dozens more injured when a car plowed through a crowd of counter-protesters. Two police officers also died in a helicopter […]

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP, talked shop with Daily show host Trevor Noah last night. Barber discusses America’s history of systematic racism and explains how citizens can protest using civil disobedience. Watch below and stay woke! Must Read: Sigh…Bill Maher Calls Himself A ‘House N-Word’ On HBO Show Women […]

There was drama at the University of Notre Dame during Mike Pence’s commencement speech. Several students walked out to protest the Trump administration’s policies on LGBT rights, Syrian refugees, and his executive order on immigration. Thousands of students and faculty members signed a petition asking Notre Dame’s president to not to invite President Trump, instead […]

A group of Greenpeace protesters raised a banner with the word "RESIST" near the White House after President Donald Trump signed an order continuing Dakota Access pipeline construction.

Anti-racism protesters rally at the U.S. embassy in London against Donald Trump's victory. The demonstrators accuse Trump of normalizing hatred.

Despite calls for unity from President Obama, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump, protestors gathered in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere to protest Trump’s election. Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Wore Purple Protest locations from Trump Tower in Chicago and New York to American University and other college campuses. Want the latest […]

North Carolina’s governor declares a state of emergency, and deploys the state National Guard to quell the violence after a second night of unrest in Charlotte. The demonstrators protesting the fatal shooting of a black man by police started out as peaceful, but eventually became violent with wide-spread damage and confrontation with officers and protesters. […]

Twitter erupted with #KapSoBlack after Kaepernick walked out onto the field for Thursday night's game against the San Diego Chargers in a full blown-out afro.

The protest continues into day two, violating the park's policy to clear out by midnight. Organizers are documenting the occupation on Twitter using the hashtag #shutdowncityhallnyc.

The mother of three from Blue Island, just 16 miles outside of Chicago, says she is unsure where we will go as a country from here, but her protest exemplifies the notion that in the fight for social justice and equality, it is deadly to be silent.