Extra Credit Grant Program Extended The Extra Credit Grant program was established by law in 2020 to use funds from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to help families with qualifying children in North Carolina by providing economic support to assist with virtual schooling and child-care costs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under legislation signed into law February 10, 2021, individuals who […]

A Houston principal has implemented a new dress code for…wait for it….PARENTS. The new code which has been posted on the front page of the Madison High School website says that parents who don’t comply with the new rules will not be permitted on campus.       https://twitter.com/SunniAndTheCity/status/1121002641281175552     Facebook: The Karen Clark […]

Sigh. Another day, another shameful story about the great state of North Carolina. A group of parents and fans of two softball teams out of North Carolina got into a big brawl at a tournament in Tennessee. It’s not clear why the group was fighting, but bothe teams were disqualified from the tournament.     […]

This seems about right. Parents put up two baby gates in a futile attempt to keep their toddler in her room. In theory, this should have worked. But you would only subscribe to that theory if you’ve never lived with a toddler. They are the most cunning creatures on Earth. Also, peep how she threw […]

This video of parents at a high school graduation in Memphis has gone viral. Things started out well. The kids look happy as they walk down the aisle. Parents are recording video. And then…     Let’s take a closer look.     The person who captured the close-up video said the fight was over […]

People are debating over the gorilla incident in Cincinnati all over social media. Some people want to blame the parents. Others want to blame the zoo. But there’s another pressing question: Why did the Daily Mail chose to dig into the father’s criminal past? What in the world does that have to do with his […]

A Maryland man was arrested and charged with the murder of his two-year-old daughter and her mother after he was ordered to pay $600 in monthly child support payments, NBC Washington reports. https://twitter.com/MomsDemand/status/694907309886201856 Daron Boswell-Johnson, 25, was charged in the deaths of NeShante Davis, 26, an elementary school teacher, and their two-year-old daughter, Chloe Davis-Green, on Wednesday. The […]

Fathers in prison facing high debt over unpaid child support payments will have the opportunity to "press pause" with a new program.


The Georgia parents who say their sons attempted to kill them two weeks ago are now standing by the boys.

Romechia Simms, the Maryland mother who was found pushing her dead son on a swing for two days earlier this year, has been charged with…

Marriage is hard enough on its own, let alone once the whole family is involved! Click on the audio player to hear this hilarious list of…

Researchers say in times of economic crisis, parents favor daughters over sons. Listen to the audio player to hear why parents are more likely to…