Well maybe J.Lo can instill some home training into Rihanna. It’s been announced that the American Idol judge is set to play Rihanna’s mother in…

Two home invaders’ plans were foiled when they burst  into a Brooklyn, N.Y., family’s home demanding money, only to be scared off by a worthy opponent: a 10-year-old boy. The suspects, two men in their 20s, forced themselves into the home Monday evening at approximately 5:15 p.m., according to police and ABC News. Authorities said […]

Via: ASE.org Programmable thermostats are an extremely effective way to save serious money on your heating and cooling costs. So replacing our house’s old manual model was a top priority soon after we moved in. And while it may look tricky at first, it’s actually a fairly straight forward project. Just make sure it’s actually […]

VIA: ESSENCE.COM Aretha Franklin is back home recovering from her recent surgery. “I’ve been at home for almost three days now,” said the Queen of Soul in a statement released to the media. “My family and friends who brought me home are taking great care of me. I also have a private nurse who visits […]

VIA: WNCN.COM As you lie on your pillow at night, you could be sleeping with the enemy. “Somewhere around 85 percent of homes will have detectable dust mites,” Dr. Darryl Zeldin, clinical director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, said. Dust mites may be microscopic, but the health problems they cause for some […]