A recent AHR report shows that more North Carolinians are engaging in sexually risky behaviors, resulting in a rise in STDs.

As the rates of sexually transmitted diseases in our community continue to rise, Wake County is making it easier than ever for residents to get protection and know their status. Wake County Public Health will host a health fair this Saturday, Aug. 26, that will offer free mpox vaccines and HIV and sexually-transmitted infection testing on site. There […]

The only way to know your HIV status is to get tested. Knowing your status gives you powerful information to keep you and your partner healthy. National HIV Testing Day is a day to encourage people to get tested for HIV, know their status, and get linked to care and treatment. Join Wake County Public Health’s […]

A customer attempted to rob a New Balance store in Durham at the Renaissance Center. Police are calling the incident an armed robbery, but the suspect didn’t have a knife. Instead, they had a medical syringe and threatened to infect an employee with HIV. Apparently, the employee witnessed the customer stealing from the store. When […]

An Missouri appeals court overturns the conviction of an HIV positive man, accused of not disclosing his status and infecting his partner. The judges chastised the prosecutor for delaying disclosure of key evidence to the defense.

Scientists in Britain develop a USB-type device that monitors HIV virus level. Tests show that it's accurate and fast.

Prosecutors charged a Chicago-area personal trainer for transmitting the HIV virus to three women. The man allegedly knew for 15 years that he is HIV positive but did not warn the women.

A Memphis dance coach allegedly had sex with his underage student and exposed him to HIV. Police arrested the suspect who faces multiple charges.

According to the BBC, Eric Aniva did not disclose his health status to his sexual partners or their families.


The unidentified man sustained a fractured spine and head injuries.


Smollett shared that although many people believe that contracting HIV/AIDS is a thing of the past, the issue is alive and well and it is affecting the lives of millions of people.

A 33-year-old Houston, Texas man has been sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of child sex assault, including infecting a toddler with HIV, and impregnating a teen, according to KTLA 5.