A Pennsylvania woman believes that she got ocular herpes after having her makeup professionally done at a mall makeup counter. This is like the virus people get on their mouths, but she got it in her eye. Tammeka Hill said that she woke up in excruciating pain the days later. Hill said she asked the […]

As you may recall, there are a few people suing Usher for exposing them to herpes. One of the accusers says she contracted the virus from the singer in April of this year and has filed a $20 million lawsuit against him. Read More: Video: One Of Usher’s STD Accusers Speaks Out In Press Conference Well, […]

Well, we knew this was coming. As soon as one of Usher’s accusers identified herself in a press conference where she accused the singer of exposing her to herpes, the internet started combing through her past and her social media. Here’s what was found. Read More: Video: One Of Usher’s STD Accusers Speaks Out In Press […]

As you may have heard, several people have come forward with lawsuits against Usher. The singer is accused of infecting people with herpes. Read More: Two More Women And One Man Are Now Suing Usher For Giving Them Herpes   One of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, said at the press conference this morning, said that she […]

This story keeps getting messier and messier. According to celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, she represents three more individuals (two women and one man) who claim they contracted herpes from Usher. Bloom plans to file a lawsuit in California on Monday and then hold a press conference in New York. According to TMZ, one of the […]