R. Kelly is a free man once again. The singer was released from police custody Saturday afternoon after someone paid the $161k he owed in back child support. Kelly was taken into custody on Wednesday after telling the court that he didn’t have the full amount he owed in back child support. The R&B singer briefly […]

Seems like things aren’t getting any better between Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell. Apparently, Ed has been late with some child support payments for their 5-month-old daughter. So, to fix the situation, Keshia has filed paperwork with the courts requesting that Ed’s future child support payments come directly from his NFL pension payments or […]

The Grammy-winning artist told the "Chicago Sun-Times" to "get the f--k back" for their hit piece.

Lamar Sally is requesting more child support from Sherri Shepherd for 2-year-old Lamar, Jr. Sally says that Sherri Shepherd is making more money now than she was when their agreement was first made. Currently, Sherri is paying approximately $4100 per month in child support, according to TMZ. Sally claims that Shepherd was making around $1 […]

Obama plans on implementing regulations that would lower the amount of child support that prisoners pay when they’re behind bars, hopefully reducing a major driver of mass incarceration.

On Thursday, the producer and reality star announced that he'll be going to jail soon.

An Italian man was ordered to pay $335 per month in child support when he divorced from his wife in 2002. His daughter was six years old at the time. When Europe experienced a recession in 2008, the pizza maker couldn’t afford to write a check to his ex. So he paid her with pizza […]

A Maryland man was arrested and charged with the murder of his two-year-old daughter and her mother after he was ordered to pay $600 in monthly child support payments, NBC Washington reports. https://twitter.com/MomsDemand/status/694907309886201856 Daron Boswell-Johnson, 25, was charged in the deaths of NeShante Davis, 26, an elementary school teacher, and their two-year-old daughter, Chloe Davis-Green, on Wednesday. The […]

Fathers in prison facing high debt over unpaid child support payments will have the opportunity to "press pause" with a new program.

Jail records: Rapper #Scarface arrested after receiving BET award http://t.co/byCqWxMDAm pic.twitter.com/7hLpH3iIng — FOX 11 Los Angeles (@myfoxla) October 12, 2015 Legendary Houston rapper Scarface was…

DMX has been sentenced to six months in jail after failing to pay child support for his 12 children, Buffalo News Network WIVB reports. The…