Bad Behavior

Jimmy Kimmel has a hilarious way to make Christmas great again. He’s been sharing stories about his ongoing struggle with the Elf on the Shelf, noted for it’s very sneaky way to get kids to behave. Here’s how it works, The elf watches everything your kids do, then goes to Santa and calls them out. […]

It seemed the Panthers had every thing all wrapped up, but don’t tell the Giants that. The Giants rallied to score 21 points and tie the game. Much of the game had referee’s separating New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Carolina Panthers’ Josh Norman. Later, Beckham appears to throw a punch at […]

It’s best that a funeral doesn’t get complicated by someone’s bad behavior.┬áJasmine Sanders has ten tips to stay on your best behavior in the tense…

I’m at a total loss for words as I watch this video. This little boy obviously learned this unacceptable behavior and language from someone. Many would say tear that behind up, but it’s not his fault because this child doesn’t have a chance with dysfunctional parents. What’s the point if his mother or an adult […]

Is this crazy or what? Three Secret Service agents were sent home when U.S. officials were notified by hotel staff, that one of the agents was found passed out after a drinking binge in Amsterdam. The agents were in the Netherlands as part of an advance party preparing for President Barack Obama’s visit later this […]