Would you stay and record? Run? Turn on the wipers? This Asheville man decided to record this snake that dropped from a tree onto his car.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

You may have heard the horrific story of a Black man beaten and shocked with a taser gun by a white police officer in Asheville, NC. His crime? Jaywalking. The incident was captured on a body camera. The police officer has resigned and has been charged. Well, here’s the latest twist. Now, Asheville police are […]

A former Asheville, NC police is on the other side of the law. Christopher Hickman will be facing serious charges for his part in the brutal beating of a black pedestrian, Johnnie Rush over alleged jaywalking. The County District Attorney’s office tweeted out a press release announcing the charges, meanwhile the FBI launched a criminal […]

Imagine being the housekeeper who made this discovery. A five foot boa constrictor snake was found in a hotel bed in Asheville. Police did not identify the hotel.   Police transported the snake to the animal shelter where it was later picked up by its owner.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark […]

A North Carolina woman ran over a man who she said stole her purse at a Walmart yesterday. According to ABC11, 26-year-old Christine Braswell said, “He was with my purse and he took off and I took off after him.” Me being five months pregnant, I chased a little ways then come back, jumped in […]

Know someone who needs to audition for American Idol? If they live in North Carolina, they’re in luck! Auditions are headed to our state. There are two ways to audition. Submit a video here. Or you can audition in person August 27th in Asheville, NC. Details are here.     Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark […]

A medical examiner confirmed that Pickens was pregnant at the time of death, but could not confirm how far along she was, according to WLOS.