Hurricane Information


Despite the flooding reputation of Crabtree Valley Mall. People are flooding the mall to shop. With a line of about 60 people waiting outside of The Disney store . It was clear Hurricane Florence didn’t scare them from getting to the mall. According to a Disney employee, the release of a popular pin a plush […]

Hurricane Florence makes landfall near Wilmington with 90 mile per hour winds, and a lot of damage is being reported along the southern coast this morning. In New Bern, heavy flooding is a huge problem as the storms surge pushes up the Neuse River with hundreds of people being rescued. Electricity is out for about […]

As Hurricane Florence approaches the east coast, motorists in North Carolina are rushing to fuel up their vehicles. According to AAA, analysts don’t expect Florence to cause a spike in gas prices, due in part to refining capacity concentrated in the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. Gas prices averaged $2.84 nationally on Tuesday, according […]

The current status of Hurricane Florence has been claimed as a category 4 hurricane. Hurricane Florence is expected to reach land by Wednesday evening. The category 4 hurricane is approximately 1200 miles East/Southeast of Cape Fear in North Carolina. Hurricanes are broken down into five categories to help identify its level of how dangerous it […]