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How Does Bobbi Storm Bridge The Gap Between Inspirational & Hip-Hop? | #WE2024


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Women's Empowerment Expo 2024

Source: Quan Vuitton / Quan Vuitton for R1 Digital

Singer Bobbi Storm was one of our featured performers at Women’s Empowerment 2024 show featuring Sarah Jakes Roberts, Joe, and Tamia. Storm gave the crown an amazing performance including her hit single “We Can’t Forget Him” which features a sample from “Doobie Brothers” singer Michael McDonald and is used in the Hip-Hop classic “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg.

How does Storm intertwine Gospel with Hip-Hop and why is that important to her? Bobbi tells RoyalTea and Ashia Skye “It’s important because along this journey I went through different stages in my life. I started performing secular music, and things just weren’t working. I was doing it and it was just like, how am I not able to release this music? How am I not able to meet my goals and once I gave my life over to Christ, he was just like you grew up listening to that music for a reason. You grew up learning how to sing that music for a reason. So you don’t have to change anything about yourself.”

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Bobbi continues, saying “But now you can’t have more than a 2-minute conversation without bringing me up. So what makes you think you can have me on certain things but not in everything? So he was just. He just kind of. Gave me in my spirit that I don’t have to change anything about myself, but just convert it for him.”

Come as you are.

Bobbi also talks about one of her most empowering moments you do not want to miss and more backstage at Women’s Empowerment 2024.


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