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Yawn. Daylight saving time is upon us. Did you wake up confused and panic thinking you’re late for work or church?

According to CBC news:

1. How big of a difference does one hour make?

It really depends on the individual, and for every hour of change you should expect one to three days of adjustment.

2. What can you do to offset the effects of the change?

Four to fie days before spring forward. Gradually start getting up earlier in the morning and winding down earlier in the evening.

3. How can you reduce the effects if you don’t prepare ahead of time?

Don’t nap. That actually makes it worse in the long run. Instead, jump-start your day with physical activity or a mug of coffee.

4. Is there such a thing as stressing out too much about the lost hour?

The best thing to do to get into the flow, and understand it will take a day or two of being groggy when you first wake up. Avoid napping and allow yourself to fall asleep earlier naturally.

One the other hand, there’ll be an extra hour of sunlight in the evening in the months to come to play tennis, garden, take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.

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