A social media threat to Leesville Road High School has parents and students on alert this morning. Extra security will be present on campus today. School leaders say they learned about the threat from a picture on social media of a bathroom wall, where someone wrote” dont’ come to school February 5th until the 10th” […]

Thursday a number of emails were sent out to several media organizations and government buildings, nationwide. Bank Of America located on Fayetteville Street’s City Plaza, was evacuated at 1:30 pm. The employees were able to enter after 90 minutes. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM Publisher of The News And Observer, Sara Glines stated the threat was […]

Do you think U.S. and North Korean leaders are acting like a bunch of 3-year olds. In due time the next insult– calling one another, a “doo doo” or “poopy” head, that’s the vocabulary of a 3-year old. The two leaders have gone back and forth with the name calling and threats, Trump taunted Kim […]

Following online threats and a number of racially charged vandalism incidents at the University of Missouri, officials at Howard University are boosting security on campus after also receiving threats targeting Black students.

As of Thursday morning, the threats and vandalism continued. Police were investigating an incident at the Columbia campus' Black culture center. Someone spray-painted over the word "black" on the sign to the culture center.

Just one day after the resignations of both the president and school chancellor following protests against racial injustices on campus, verbal and social media threats have been made towards University of Missouri students.