We have enough to worry about with the pandemic, but now there’s one more thing. Starting in 2021, debt collectors will be able to reach out to you on social media, via text message and email. These new rules were established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Here’s the good news: You still have rights. […]

Mothers always know how to keep you humble. Even if you’ve been the First Lady of the United States. Michelle Obama jumped on social media to share a string of texts from her mother about Sunday night’s Grammys. One thing is clear. Michelle’s 83-year-old mother is not the one to blow up her daughter’s head. […]

You might be getting a text from President Trump. According to FEMA, they are testing a new system called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) this Thursday. The system will allow the President to text cell phones across the country in the event of a national emergency or major weather event. The text will show up on people’s phones […]

Guess who will be able to text you whenever they want?!?!? President-Elect Trump! You know those notifications you receive on your phone about weather or Amber Alerts? The ones with the really shocking beeps designeded to get your attention? Those are Wireless Emergency Alerts. They are part of a the Warning, Alert, and Response Network […]

According to WRAL, a Lee County woman was arrested after shooting a man in a dispute over a cell phone. Thirty-three year old Cheryl Lynn Pizza apparently shot a bedroom doorknob. The bullet hit Glen Peter Steeler in the stomach. He is in the hospital. She was arrested. According to reports, Pizza and Steeler got […]

How bad is it breaking up with someone just before Valentines day? It can be cruel especially if its done via text. Check out the 28 Breakup Texts that will either make you cringe or smile.


It’s Now Possible to Text 911 Starting last week, the four major cell phone service providers — Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T — enabled…

  You’re not quit there, you awaken with a big yawn, one eye open and the other eyeing the snooze button. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? You haven’t started the day yet, and you have your cellphone in hand like the world won’t start turning until you get lost in […]

Dandre Moore and his front-seat passenger Dartavious Moore were arrested on drug charges after Mobile, Al police stopped their car for “double-texting.” Police spotted 15-year-old Dandre Moore driving with his knees and texting with two different phones, one phone in each hand. The police also found 386 oxycodone pills left over from a pill bottle […]