President Obama gave his final State Of The Union address last night. Obama discussed terrorism, global warming, education and addressed Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and announced a new national effort to cure cancer. Celebrities chimed in on his message and took to twitter to give their views on his speech.

After discovering the origins of her dress, many flocked to Neiman Marcus' website, and the garment sold out instantly.

Needless to say, a serious night turned hilarious in just seconds thanks to Twitter.

Michelle Obama wears one of her favorite designers to the 2016 State Of The Union Address. Nevertheless, this is what really had the crowd talking.

President Obama will deliver his last State of the Union address tonight. It’s what the White House calls a “non-traditional” speech. President Obama will cut to the chase of the day-to-day minutiae of Washington and celebrate the country’s capacity “coming together as one big American family”. Instead of a laundry list of policy proposals that […]

As President Barack Obama prepares to deliver his final State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, NewsOne reflects on some of his past speeches.


According to the White House, the guests convey "who we are as Americans: inclusive and compassionate, innovative and courageous."

President Barack Obama has indicated that he will reflect on some of the most significant decisions of his administration Tuesday during his final State of the Union Address to Congress, according to USA Today.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union Address.

During last night’s State Of The Union address, President Obama showed us he knows exactly what shade is and how to throw it. And we loved every second of it!     Then the internet exploded.