Fayetteville students at Jack Britt High School received a disturbing email from a fake account this week. The email was designed to look like it was from the school’s principal. The email mentioned feces and a racial slur, according to reports. “Luckily our kids and our staff know that’s not the way I deal with […]

Sigh. Apparently a New Jersey high school principal needs to brush up his American history because he didn’t realize that Black people were still slaves in the year 1776. Principal Dennis Perry apologized for the words “Party like it’s 1776” that were printed on the high school’s prom tickets. According to ABC11: “It was insensitive […]

A Florida principal has been removed from his position after posting about the McKinney, Texas pool party on a news website. Alberto Iber is still employed by Miami-Dade County Public Schools and has been assigned to administrative duties. In response to the McKinney incident, Iber posted a comment on the Miami-Herald’s website: “He did nothing wrong. He […]

The Georgia principal who made some shocking comments at a graduation over the weekend, is defending herself. Nancy Gordeuk, founder and principal of TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, Georgia said that she is not racist and blamed her comments on the devil.      

Tammy Holland, the principal at Spring Lake’s Manchester Elementary School, has been removed after allegedly forcing kids to walk a dirt track at the school for hours with no water or access to a school breakfast. This was Holland’s first year as the principal of the school. According to WRAL, students were punished for not […]