While most high school seniors live for the last few weeks of school that include prom, bittersweet goodbyes and graduation, one student won't be able to walk down memory lane.

A Utah school district punishes a White teacher for using the N-word during a history class. The teacher said he meant no harm in using the word to explain its meaning before showing students the film 'Glory.'

For a brief moment, Larry Wilmore host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” was on a roll at the White House Correspondents dinner on Saturday. He took jabs at presidential candidates, the press and the HB2 law in North Carolina. As he was wrapping up his speech with what sounded like a sincere, heartfelt tribute […]

A University of Kansas professor who used the N-word in class said an investigation cleared her to return to work. Her students filed a complaint that triggered the four-month probe.

An incident surfaced of a teacher calling a student the n-word in class at Boston Latin School. It happened 18 months ago, but came to light during a federal investigation into multiple instances of racial abuse at the prestigious high school.

Saying he "did something stupid and wrong," the White president of the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP on Wednesday apologized for making a sexist comment following a meeting on racial sensitivity, reports the Huffington Post.

The teens claim the act was intended to be a joke for one of the girls' boyfriends, who is Black.

The future police chief of a town in Pennsylvania has issued an apology for using the n-word in an email.

The Governor of South Carolina came out yesterday and said it’s time to remove the Confederate flag from the capitol. There’s really no discussion there.…

During a Monday interview with comedian Marc Maron, President Barack Obama used the n-word to drive home the point that the shunning of the word in today’s…

President Obama used the N-word in a podcast with comedian Marc Maron. In the frank discussion on race and racism in America, Obama reflected on the murder of nine people at a prayer service at a historically black Charleston church last week, repeating his previous comments that “no other advanced nation on Earth” considers these incidents […]

Chet Hanks defends his position on why he should be able to use the "n-word."