A Knightdale assistant football coach wants people to know that he’s not racist despite using the “N-word” and “white power” in an Instagram video. In the video, John Hoskins, the assistant football coach at Knightdale High School, can be heard saying, “White power, Knightdale. I still love you, N—–” Hoskins said he was at a […]

The woman who went viral after hurling the N-word at two Black women at a North Raleigh Bonefish Grill is doubling down and saying that she would use the word again. Nancy Goodman, who says she suffers from anxiety, claims she approached the women when she felt they were too loud in the restaurant bar, […]

You may remember that Bill Maher ruffled lots of feathers last week by using the N-word on his HBO show. Read More: Sigh…Bill Maher Calls Himself A ‘House N-Word’ On HBO Show Last night, Ice Cube appeared on Maher’s show and called him out about his using the word and being “too familiar.”       […]

Did late-night host Bill Maher go too far on ‘Real Time’, using a racial epithet during an interview with Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska Friday night. Maher has since apologized for using a racial slur, but social media wasn’t having it! Must Read: North Carolina Teacher Hits Young Black Girl With A Broom […]

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Florida State Senator Frank Artiles resigned Friday after he went on a racist tirade referring to colleagues as the N-word and calling Senate President Joe Negron as a derogatory term.

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The NBA imposed the fine Monday after using the n-word in an interview on Friday.

The actor claims the president used the N-word in a conversation with the father of a friend.

Racial Slur painted over on interracial couple's home. The couple vowed to leave the slur until police made an arrest.

The celebrated anchor made the analogy during a SIRIUS radio interview on Thursday.

Dave Chappelle’s recent appearance on SNL drew huge numbers, Chappelle touched on major subjects that included police shootings, Black Lives Matter and Harambe the gorilla. But it also drew more than a dozen complaints to the FCC from viewers who were miffed and took offense to Chappelle’s language. One complaint, his use of the n-word […]

When will folks learn that racial slurs on the job are generally not going to help your long-term employment prospects? Another TV anchor has learned the hard way that despite your personal beliefs, its a good idea to share them in the private white spaces you may be in as opposed to your job or […]

A startling on-camera confrontation shows a White man hurling racial slurs at a noted journalist.