What in the world? A Michigan couple that won $500k with a scratch-off ticket in 2016 has been arrested for multiple burglaries. According to reports, 29-year-old Mitchell Arnswald and 28-year-old Stephanie Harvell were arraigned Friday on home invasion and possession of burglary tools charges. They are each being held on $50,000 cash bonds. The couple is […]

A Black woman in Michigan is accusing Target of racial profiling after she was stopped by two employees who accused her of stealing a bikini. The two men cuffed the woman, took her to a room and ordered her to lift her shirt and pull down her pants to prove she didn’t steal any clothing. […]

Well, that escalated quickly. On Monday, there was a brawl in a Michigan Walmart over the last notebook in the school supplies aisle. According to WCRZ-FM, four women were involved in the altercation. One woman’s hair was pulled during the brawl. Her mother than pulled a gun on the other women involved.       […]

In a video that has gone viral, Judge Qiana Lillard let the defendant's family know that disrupting her court was not in their best interest.

Rep. John Conyers held a Capitol Hill briefing to spark dialogue about reparations.

The rapper's efforts hope to curb one of the worst public health disasters in the U.S.

KKK leader William Hagen stabbed Richard Dillon during a “National Klonvocation” event in North Carolina on December 2.

State officials are now admitting that most of the voting machines in Detroit were broken on Election Day.

The petition asks Congress to ban Steve Bannon from the White House because of his connections to the Alt-Right movement.

Three weeks after a court demanded that the state of Michigan send bottled water to residents who are still impacted by contaminated water, state officials are still trying to fight that order.

Michigan officials filed a court motion while they appeal the decision in a lawsuit brought by several advocacy groups.

Scores of students staged a walk-out on Monday to express disdain for the President-Elect Donald Trump.