We’re setting our calendars for 12 noon on Sunday, December 13th so we can see what this new KFC movie is about. Oh? You haven’t heard about it? It’s Lifetime’s original mini-movie “A Recipe for Seduction” and Mario Lopez stars as Kentucky Fried Chicken’s signature spokesman, Colonel Harland Sanders.         Facebook: The […]

Different times call for different measures. And COVID-19 has led to A LOT of different measures. The latest change is coming from fast food chain KFC. The chicken chain is changing up their “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan during the pandemic. According to the company, the 64-year old slogan isn’t gone forever. The company says it […]

What do you think about Cheetos on a chicken sandwich? If that sounds good to you, you’ll have a chance to try it in July. KFC is introducing its new creation on July 1st and it will be around for about 4 weeks. Get ready for a crispy chicken sandwich with a special Cheetos sauce […]

Did you hear KFC plans to sell a vegetarian equivalent of its famous chicken. I bet Colonel Harlan Sanders is rolling over in his grave even as we speak. KFC in the United Kingdom and Ireland plan to test the faux chicken with customers later this year. KFC’s decision to roll out the vegetarian fried […]

Actor and comedian David Alan Grier set off a frenzy on Thursday when he took to Twitter to announce he would be taking over as Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders. The news of Grier becoming the fast food company’s top pitch man was shot down by a KFC executive, the New York Daily News reports. […]

KFC has launched a new…creation. I’m not sure if we refer to this as a sandwich. Back in 2010, KFC rolled out the Double Down in the U.S. It was two pieces of fried chicken, sauce and bacon. Now they have debuted the Zinger Double Down King in South Korea.  It’s made of two pieces […]

Now I know yall remember that whole coupon frenzy that had the lines of KFC looking like the lines of a club on Friday Night. Well not everyone was able to get their finger licking good samples which led straight to a lawsuit. According to the report consumers printed some 10.2 million for the free […]