Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is using her platform to seek help for Puerto Rico after the devestation caused by Hurricane Maria. Jennifer was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents. The star admits that she still has family that she hasn’t been able to contact. The entire island is currently without power.     Maxwell, whose […]

We’ve all heard about the moment where Mariah Carey claims she doesn’t know who Jennifer Lopez is. Well, recently, Brandy posted a throwback pic with Mariah and used the hashtag, #SheKnowsMe. J-Lo fans took offense. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Text “Foxy NC” To 24042 for your chance at ticket giveaways and news before anyone […]

Jennifer Lopez is busy. Busy is actually an understatement for the mom of two, who spends half of her time in Las Vegas for her Residency (she returns to the stage in May)  and the other half in whatever city she’s filming not one but two shows. In Shades of Blue Jennifer returns as  Harlee Santos, […]

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Drake isn’t shy about showing his love for the leading lady in his life! The 30-year old rapper dropped $100,000 on a platinum diamond Tiffany Victoria necklace for JLo!!! Related Stories: Chill: Jennifer Lopez’s Rep Explains Why She’s Been Hanging With Drake Why It Makes Sense For Drake To Push Back His New Album [EXCLUSIVE […]

Well, this is either a well-planned publicity stunt or Drake and Jennifer Lopez really want to be open about their (possible?) relationship. First, there was this selfie of the two that Jennifer posted on Instagram.   Then, last night, the two both posted matching pics on their individual Instagram pages. Shortly after, fans noticed that […]

Jennifer Lopez, or one of her minions, tweeted #AllLivesMatter on a photo from her Today Show performance yesterday. The photo showed her holding hands with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical Hamilton. Lopez has a new single, Love Makes The World Go Round, that she performed to benefit victims of the mass shooting victims at Pulse nightclub […]