Therapist Shabree Rawls says she was fired after negative attention from a Tiktok video pleading with Black men to seek therapy. The post Social Media Reacts To Firing Of Therapist On TikTok Who Urged Black Men To Seek Therapy appeared first on NewsOne.

A Subway manager is jobless after stating via text message that they didn’t want Black employees. Katelyn Simmons thought that a job at Subway would be a great way to earn money over the summer. She had a friend who worked at a Houston-area Subway and applied to work at the same store. The employee […]

America awoke to the news that Matt Lauer of NBC’s The Today Show, had been fired after allegations of sexual misconduct. Page Six is reporting that Lauer allegedly assaulted a female NBC staffer  Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. According to reports, the woman went to Human Resources for NBC on Monday. Lauer was fired on Tuesday night. Page […]

White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci as Envoge would say,”He’s out the Door”. Scaramucci was fired after fewer than 10 days in the position. The former Wall Street financier had drawn sharp criticism after his foul-mouthed tirade to a New Yorker journalist on Thursday. Social media and late night TV is having a field day. […]

A young, Black conservative leader was fired after his op-ed slamming Trump surfaced.

Getting fired can be very discouraging and leave you feeling stressed and depressed. Here’s what you can do to turn that pink slip into a job offer.

The Georgia principal who chastised “all the Black people” after a handful of individuals prematurely left a graduation ceremony has been terminated, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. After her…

“You’re our hero!” Support for the now-suspended New Jersey teacher who allowed her third-graders to write get-well letters to former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was…

Wendy Williams recently revealed that she talked about the Bill Cosby rape allegations on the radio years ago. Actually, this took place in 1990. Cosby, according to Wendy, wasn’t happy with her talking about it and tried to have her fired.      

What would you do? Let’s say that you get an email at work saying that ALL employees must get a flu shot by the end of the week. No exceptions. How do you respond?     Foxy’s Karen Clark got a flu shot. Then this happened….  

Dang, Black people can’t win. Especially not this Canadian woman who was fired for NOT being Black enough. Listen to the latest Jazzy Report in the…

A former Hooters waitress has sued the restaurant chain in federal court, alleging she was pushed out of her job after brain surgery left her with buzz cut hair and a healing scar that made it too painful to wear a wig. Sandra Lupo, 27, had worked as a waitress at a St. Peters, Mo., […]