Burger King is eliminating preservatives from their food and to prove it, they’ve rolled out a video of a Whopper molding before your eyes. “At Burger King restaurants, we believe that real food tastes better. That’s why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colors and flavors from artificial sources from the food we serve […]

A woman was arrested in Pennsylvania after stealing coffee at a Burger King. Fifty-two year old Sonja Connors stepped behind the counter at a Burger King and poured herself a cup off coffee. An assistant manager told Connors that she wasn’t allowed behind the counter and that she needed to pay for the coffee. The […]

Some people really, really hate tomatoes. Porsha Tyler was unhappy with her burger order from a previous day when she walked into a Michigan Burger King to demand her money back. According to reports, the employee at the Burger King offered the angry woman a refund on her order, but that wasn’t enough. Tyler needed […]

If you’ve ever thought that the burger buns at Burger King are super tasty, you’re not alone! Rodents love them as well…at least at this Delaware location!       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke and his fellow officers painted a different narrative of the evening Laquan McDonald was fatally shot, according to the official police report, released Friday evening.

Images surfaced of Chicago police officers viewing Burger King footage, which reportedly shows the moments before Laquan McDonald's death.

Have you been thinking about trying the new fries at Burger King? This weekend you can try them for FREE! This Saturday and Sunday — during business hours when fries are normally sold — Burger King will hand out free Satisfries to all consumers.  No strings attached. No coupons.  No ID cards.  No questions.  There is, […]

Burger King is rolling out fries that are lower in fat….30% lower to be exact! Still reading this? Today, Burger King will unveil a new french fry innovation: french fries with 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than Burger King’s current fries. (And 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than McDonald’s fries, according […]

Raise your hand if you did this as a kid! Burger King is rolling out a new burger this fall. It’s called the “French Fry Burger” and guess what it is topped with? FRENCH FRIES! Pretty sure everyone has done this to their burger at some point in time. The burger will make it’s debut […]


A 302-pound South Carolina man has been cuffed and charged with with disorderly conduct for allegedly striking a Burger King worker over the head with…

Mourners at a Pennsylvania fast-food fan’s funeral wanted him to have it his way, so they arranged for his hearse — and the rest of the procession — to make one last drive-thru visit before reaching the cemetery. David Kime Jr. “lived by his own rules,” daughter Linda Phiel said. He considered the lettuce on […]

While I have joked plenty of times about how it won’t be long before Facebook is telling my blood type and preferred brand of hot…