Ginger ale holds a special place in the hearts of many, particularly within Black communities, but what lies behind this cultural affinity? The post Breaking Down The Stereotype: Why Do Black People Love Ginger Ale So Much? appeared first on NewsOne.

Is the potential ban on menthol cigarettes an end-all be-all for your Black vote? Some Republicans think so, and Amanda breaks it all down. The post Republicans, Black People And Menthol Cigarettes l The Amanda Seales Show appeared first on Black America Web.

Your favorite ice cream company continues to prove why they are your favorite. And they are clear: We’re sick of how Black people are treated by the police. Last week, Ben & Jerry’s posted a statement about the treatment of Black people by police, especially during COVID-19:   “We have always been direct when it […]

Here we go again. Another day, of “Let’s call authorities on Black people for no reason” story. Today’s story comes from a dad in Washington, DC. Donald Sherman, a Black father, was deemed suspicious for pushing his sick son through a park in a stroller. Here’s the scenario, Donald Sherman‘s little boy had a fever, […]

Chef Armand Appling alleges that his former boss and Nevada dude ranch owner Madeleine Pickens asked him to make "black people food" in a federal racial discrimination lawsuit. The African-American chef, who was fired in 2014, also claims Pickens hurled degratory insults at a Black employee.

The video, which features Black BuzzFeed employees presenting questions that seem to perpetuate sweeping generalizations and inaccurate stereotypes, starts off satirical, but ends up looking like a bunch of people confused about the role racism plays in most of the questions, putting the onus on Black people -- not systemic oppression -- to answer.

Andy Benavidez of Ohio was arrested after assaulting a Black man. Benavidez says he only fought the man because he was Black. The assailant was wearing a mask at the time of the event. He claims he’s allergic to Black people and didn’t want to catch their germs. The Black man, whose name wasn’t disclosed, […]

Ten years ago tomorrow, Hurricane Katriana made landfall in Louisiana. The results were deadly and devestating. The live television fundraiser that followed stood in in the minds of many because of these 7 shocking words by Kanye West.   Bush later wrote: ‘I faced a lot of criticism as president. I didn’t like hearing […]

Shelle Shelle had us cracking up today! Apparently she and her boyfriend are at a “Big Booty Convention.” Listen to the audio player to hear…

Shelle Shelle said her boyfriend would throw a case over his kids. But what we think she meant was “catch a case.” Listen to the audio…

Father’s Day was last weekend and it was Shelle Shelle’s first one with her black boyfriend. Listen to the audio player to hear her give…