Aaliyah had so much in store for the world that never got completed. These 10 projects would've been huge! The post Destiny Unfulfilled: 10 Uncompleted Aaliyah Projects That Had Amazing Potential appeared first on Black America Web.

From new R. Kelly allegations to her place on Rolling Stone's list of best singers, Aaliyah's timeless voice matters now more than ever.

On the anniversary of losing late R&B queen Aaliyah, we give props to five musicians making sure the world never forgets the L-I-Y-A-H.

Monica Brown is un-phased and un-bothered by celebrity drama.


Google recently announced they will distribute $250,000 in Google.org grants to fund initiatives that will help Flint, Michigan recover from its water crisis. Google will allocate $150,000 to teams from the University of Michigan, which will work towards creating a data platform to help local leaders and the government with making effective decisions and provide Flint […]

If you are a connoisseur of all things R&B you were probably reminded in some form of the late Aaliyah’s birthday on Saturday January 16,…

Aaliyah would have turned 37 years old today. We remember her with some of her favorite videos.                

Yesterday, we remembered Aaliyah, often referred to as the Princess of R&B. She died 14 years ago yesterday. Aaliyah was a fan of Janet Jackson and said that she liked to mention Janet in her interviews because she hoped to meet her and possibly work with her one day. Yesterday, Janet tweeted a photo of […]

As we pay tribute to Aaliyah today, we remember her episode of MTV Diary. The show chronicled Aaliyah’s activities from May 31, 2001 until July 18, 2001. She was killed in a plane crash on August 25, 2011.