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FAB FINDS: Rep Your Superbowl Team with Cute Athletic Gear  was originally published on

1. Seahawks Striped Tee

Seahawks Striped Tee

2. Patriot Clutch

Patriot Clutch

3. Seahawks Wilson T-Shirt

Seahawks Wilson T-Shirt

4. American Flag Sweater

American Flag Sweater

5. Seahawks Knit Hat

Seahawks Knit Hat

6. Converse Sneakers

Converse Sneakers

7. Seahawks Nail Stickers

Seahawks Nail Stickers

8. Pats T-Shirt

Pats T-Shirt

9. Seahawks Neon Shirt

Seahawks Neon Shirt

10. Patriots Scarf

Patriots Scarf

11. Seahawks Bracelet

Seahawks Bracelet

12. Patriots Hoodie

Patriots Hoodie

13. Seahawks Beast Mode Shirt

Seahawks Beast Mode Shirt

14. Patriots Cap

Patriots Cap

15. Seahawks T-Shirt

Seahawks T-Shirt

16. Patriots Bangle

Patriots Bangle

17. Go Seahawks T-Shirt

Go Seahawks T-Shirt

18. Brady Tank

Brady Tank

19. Seahawks Knit Hat

Seahawks Knit Hat

20. Patriots Hoodie

Patriots Hoodie

21. Seahawks Socks

Seahawks Socks

22. Patriots V-Neck Shirt

Patriots V-Neck Shirt

23. Seahawks Jacket

Seahawks Jacket

24. Navy Jersey Jacket

Navy Jersey Jacket

25. Seahawks Bangle

Seahawks Bangle