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The annual Nathan’s Hot Dogs Eating Completion was held on 4th of July at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. For the 10th time, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won the men’s contest. Not only did he win, he even broke his own record by eating 72 hot dogs with buns in 10 minutes! The second runner […]

Believe it or not, Prada is selling a paper clip shaped money clip for $185! Yes you read that right. Now the good thing is that you can get it engraved so that it won’t get lost with the regular paper clips that you might own. It is sterling silver. Now who would spend that […]

Bet you didn’t know that there was a National Sunglasses Day, well there is! Pull out your favorite pair and wear them! Don’t have a favorite pair? Can’t find a pair that fits you just right. Here are some basic tips to finding the right pair of sunglasses. Heart Shaped Faces If you have a […]

How do you decide which airline to fly?  Have you ever considered the flight attendants?  skyscanner .com polled 1,000 travelers on the rudest flight attendants.  The rudest flight attendants were found on 3- Delta 2- United 1- American

Mega basketball super star and entrepreneur Magic Johnson took time out to discuss behavior and charity work at an event. He made note that one of the young people he has given a scholarship was attending college. Watch on: Make sure to read: Shocking Look At The High Cost Of Childhood Obesity [INFOGRAPHIC] OPINION: Can […]

When President Barack Obama last headlined a Labor Day event in Detroit (2008), he wowed the crowd by humming a few bars of Aretha Franklin’s hit “Chain of Fools,” while the Queen of Soul looked on. This year, the President will be the one who is serenaded when Aretha Franklin performs at the Labor Day Rally […]

Yesterday, Will and Smith’s marriage was headline talk. Marc Anthony was the reason. All because InTouch magazine, citing an unnamed “insider,” reported the alleged separation online Tuesday and teased to its print edition for more information. It sent shock-waves as people screamed, “Oh no, not Will & Jada”. All morning the tongues wagged. All night […]

In light of today’s unexpected earthquake om the East Coast here  is a list of things that one should have in case of an emergency. Developing an emergency plan is a beneficial thing to have when switchboards overload. Why Buy Silver & Gold ? Consider developing a disaster plan with your household members to prepare […]

Toni Braxton blames her illness as the major cause of her bankruptcy. You will see some of the  affects of it on the new season of “Braxton Family Values”. During a recent visit to Rob Shuter’s HDNet show “Naughty But Nice,” Braxton briefly discussed the many rumors revolving her financial woes and the toll her […]

Mary J. Blige’s  admission of being the victim of childhood molestation on her “Behind The Music” has triggered discussion of the connection between molestation and addiction. She survived. Many victims never come out of the downward spiral of addiction. Amy Winehouse’s Death Makes Us Think About Helping The Addicts In Our Lives Victims of rape […]

“Lost” Actor Doug Hutchison’s marriage to his much-younger wife Courtney Stodden has been controversial from the start. In an appearance on Father Albert which airs Wednesday, Hutchison, 51, and Stodden, 16, say they were brought together by a higher power. Hutchison doesn’t see his wife as immature. “Courtney is ageless,” he says. “And she’s right […]

When two candidates with comparatively equal knowledge, skills and abilities are competing for the same position the one who handles this meeting the best will get the job. In fact, it’s not unheard of for a lesser qualified candidate to win the job simply because she interviewed better than more qualified candidates. Simple Ways To […]