The big wedding day is almost here and Eve says it’s so close she can almost taste it! The rapstress is set to say “I…

OMG! You’ve gotten THE RING!!!! Finally! Ok. Now what? Most brides do a couple of things first. I’ve seen brides who run to the store and buy every wedding magazine on the shelf. Some brides immediately start trying on dresses. Others start zipping from one side of town to another to scope out their potential […]

Foxy’s Karen Clark will be offering a FREE wedding planning seminar at the Orange County Main Library in Hillsborough on Saturday, May 12 at 10AM. Are you planning a wedding? Are you stressed out about how to pull all of the details together? Are you concerned that you’ll select the wrong vendors? Are you worried […]

There’s one thing I hear from brides ALL THE TIME: “I don’t want my wedding to be a hot mess!” Everyone’s been to a wedding (or at least seen one on YouTube) that falls into this category. After you spend all of the time and money planning the big day, you absolutely do not want […]

Oprah and Stedman have been together for 26 years; Oprah says if they had tied the knot it wouldn’t have lasted; I’m not the marrying kind; Oprah says she’s her own woman and doesn’t conform to others beliefs of what she should be, and some conformity is a part of marriage. Oprah revealed her feelings […]

No date has been set for the marriage of singer Jennifer Hudson to W.W.E. wrestler David Otunga, but preparations are underway. Jennifer says her husband to be is more sentimental than she is and he’s been putting in his 2 cents towards preparations; David proposed on the beach on Jennifer’s birthday….then she had a ring […]

It’s a week of wedding planning advice for the newly engaged! If you’re one of those brides, we’ve created a blueprint for your first few steps. So, you’ve identified your budget and you’ve created your guest list. Perfect! Your next step should be to invest in a wedding planner. Now, before you start thinking, “I […]

Planning a wedding is a BIG task. There are bound to be some stumbles on the planning road that leads to the alter. While there are many mistakes that you can make in the process of pulling the big day together, we’ve chosen to highlight three big mistakes that we see on a regular basis. […]