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Kayne is seems to be everywhere and sometimes, it isn't even his doing. Turns out, the hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton' is about Kayne himself. While this sounds like something that came directly from Kayne, him being "the nucleus" and all, it didn't! The

Ever since Hamilton made its debut on Broadway, the show has evolved into a must-see production. Tickets for the Broadway play are sold out until next year; however a group of students will get the chance to delve into the story at the White House on Monday. Creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda and other cast members will head to Washington D.C. to speak at one of Michelle Obama’s student workshops. They will perform songs from the show and talk about pursuing careers in the theater industry. FLOTUS took to Twitter to share the news: “Alexander Hamilton! We’ve been waiting in the East Wing for you. #Bam4Ham,” she posted. President Obama took both of his daughters to see the production last year. Read more.

Wage Gap for Black Women Widens

A new study shows that when it comes to the gender wage gap, Black women are lagging far behind White men. The report released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows the gap widened between 2014 and 2015. Although wages did increase, African-American women earned 66.8 percent of what White men made in 2015. Latina women earned 61.5 cents on the dollar of what White men earned. Factors contributing to these disparities include discrimination during the hiring process, and lower incomes for positions held by women. Read more.

Gospel Singer James Fortune Pleads Guilty to Domestic Abuse

Grammy-nominated gospel singer James Fortune has pleaded guilty to domestic violence. On Tuesday, Fortune accepted a plea deal on charges that he abused his wife of 15 years. Back in October of 2014, Fortune allegedly “struck his wife with a wooden vanity stool, kicked her and threw her against a wall one night inside their Stafford, [Texas] home.” Fortune will spend 5 days in jail and will serve 5 years of probation. He will also join an intervention program for domestic abusers and will have to complete 175 hours of community service. He was ordered to stay away from his wife, Cheryl Fortune, who wrote a statement that was read in court: “I hope in all of this you get help. Serious help. Although this probation might be like a slap on the wrist, I hope you look at it as a moment to better yourself and change something within you for your future,” she wrote. Read more.

Spike Lee to Debut Short Film About Black Lives Matter at the Tribeca Film Festival

One of director Spike Lee’s latest projects is centered on the Black Lives Matter movement. The film, titled 2 Fists Up, delves into how the group got involved in the University of Missouri racial controversy and how the movement spread across the rest of the country. It will make its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. “Short-form storytelling has always been an integral part of Tribeca’s programming,” Sharon Badal, Vice President of Filmmaker Relations and Shorts Programming, said in a statement. “Short films are where new talent is discovered and new ways of telling stories emerge. Creative content and consumer viewing habits are changing and short films are perfect for this growing audience. We’re thrilled to be able to champion these films, and equally excited to provide an opportunity for audiences to see them at the festival.” Read more.

President Obama Will Skip Nancy Reagan’s Funeral to Attend SXSW

President Obama is receiving a lot of backlash after word spread that he will skip former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral to speak at the SXSW festival. A funeral will be held for Reagan at Ronald Reagan’s presidential library in California. “The president will not attend,” said U.S. Press Secretary Josh Earnest during a White House briefing. “The president is traveling in Texas.” President Obama is slated to engage in a “conversation about civic engagement in the 21st century” with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith. Many people took to Twitter express their disapproval of his decision. “President Obama skipped Scalia’s funeral. Then Skipped Nancy Reagan to speak at @sxsw there is absolutely no class or respect here #sxsw,” tweeted one person. Read more.


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