Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

SB50 just wasn’t Cam Newton’s time. All season Cam was lighting up the football field by outperforming the defenses of the other teams. Last night he was out performed by the Denver Broncos.

He was sacked six times by the Broncos defense. He pretty much gave them 14 points with turnovers. The result?  The Panthers lost SB50 24-10. After the game social media was on ablaze about the turnovers, and his attitude at his post game press conference.

Cam Newton Shows His Immaturity After SB50

Ex-NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski joined the conversation.

Romanowski called Cam a ‘boy’ via Twitter. And although many agreed with the intention of Romanowski’s tweet, they didn’t agree with the term he chose to use. The tweet has since been deleted, but before he could delete it Romanowski found out really fast that Black twitter is not here for the white privilege.

No More Dabbin’, Panthers Lose Second Super Bowl

He apologized and hasn’t tweeted since.

Are we giving Bill a pass or nah?

Rob Lowe Shades Cam, But Twitter Reminds Him Of His Past

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