Who danced along to the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Katie Holmes admits she skipped out on watching the actual Super Bowl game, all she just wanted to do is watch Queen Bey slay. Could Katie Holmes give Beyonce a run for her money?

SB50 just wasn’t Cam Newton’s time. All season Cam was lighting up the football field by outperforming the defenses of the other teams. Last night he was out performed by the Denver Broncos. He was sacked six times by the Broncos defense. He pretty much gave them 14 points with turnovers. The result?  The Panthers lost […]

Cam Newton might be the most criticized player in the NFL. So why do people judged him so harshly? Many say it’s because of his celebrations including his Superman pose and dabbing, and a fan of the Seattle Seahawks also called him “Mr. Classless. Newton set the record straight at a press conference. MUST SEE […]

After the Carolina Panthers ruffled the Arizona Cardinals feathers in the NFC title game, Cam Newton referred to a comment he made when he arrived in Charlotte back in 2011. He sums up his journey to the Super Bowl in a way only Southerners understand. MUST SEE Killa Cam! 20 Crush-Worthy Photos Of Cam Newtown

The Carolina Panthers routed the Arizona Cardinals in a crushing 49-15 victory, becoming the 2016 NFC Champions. The Panthers will face Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in SB50. Manning is the one with all the records, but Cam is the “next generation” of quarterbacks who can run and score, and has a lethal arm […]