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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

We were introduced to the funny (and very sexy) “Born Again Virgin” on TV One last night and we loved every minute!

I’m not sure what my favorite parts were…the apartment, the wardrobe, Eva Marcille’s wigs, the writing or seeing Tank in hot, steamy shower scenes. (We need more of Tank in the shower, please!)

Immediately, you can see that people will compare the show to “Sex In The City.” Jenna is Carrie. Tara is Miranda. Kelly is Miranda.

But Carrie and the girls didn’t have ANYONE in their show who looked like Tank!!!

In case you missed last night’s premier, these 15 second videos will give you a bit more insight into Jenna, the character who has given up sex and the hilarious friends (and temptations) that surround her.