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There’s been a lot going on in blackness this year, particularly in the constantly evolving universe known as Black Twitter. We’ve still got a Black president in the States, and they’ve got a new one in Nigeria. On the other side of Africa, things have gotten beyond dangerous, as terrorists attack a college in Kenya.

Meanwhile, the main thing Black folk paid attention to was Empire, but there was also a team of Little Leaguers who got their championship title yanked from them because of allegations of adult cheating, Suge Knight is back in trouble, and daggon’ it! All they had to do was GIVE THE FREAKING BALL TO MARSHAWN LYNCH.

So as I do every blue moon, I hand it over to the Black men in the social media world to get an idea what they’re thinking about what’s going on with 10 new Tweets from the Brothersphere.

First off, comedian Trevor Noah, who recently joked his way into a new gig replacing Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, lets naysayers know that marching counts, even when it seems like it doesn’t.

Meanwhile, over the past several months, we’ve been pleased to know there’s a Black stormtrooper in the upcoming Star Wars sequel. Well, the sci-fi epic broke the Internet on Thursday with a new trailer and we got to see more of the stormbrotha, British actor John Boyega, who apparently seems to be portraying a Black man on the run. He tweeted a pic of fellow cast members Daisy Ridley and Oscar Issacson.

Incidentally, the name of the picture isn’t The Force Awakens, it’s “Sweet Sweetback’s Badassssss Jedi.”

Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, who recently joined Bain Capital to work on social impact investing, remembered the day two years ago when a bomb exploded at the Boston Marathon, and praised the unity the community showed afterward.

Khalil G. Muhammad, director of Harlem’s Schomburg Center, hosted a forum on artist Jacob Lawrence’s “Migration Series.” If you get a chance to go to New York, definitely check out this place. It’s a cultural and community jewel.

Cornell Brooks, the new president and CEO of the NAACP, isn’t beating around the bush. He’s making it clear where he and the organization stand on the police killings of Black men.

Without saying it, ESPN columnist and CNN contributor LZ Granderson makes an important point. A white male with a gyrocopter lands on federal ground and is taken into custody with no problem, but a Black woman who does the same with her car last year is shot to death by Capitol Hill police — five times in the back, including once in the head.

Dr. Ben Carson’s story is remarkable. He’s from the same hometown as me. He struggled through tough times and with hard work and tenacity, became one of the world’s foremost neurosurgeons. So I like the guy, but I pretty much disagree with him on almost everything. That doesn’t mean there’s not room for people who I think are way off. He says he’s making a decision about joining the Republican pack to run against Hillary Clinton and whoever else thinks they’ve got a snowball’s chance against her.

Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter stopped to remember the man who paved the way for him to play ball in the Major Leagues. Courage, faith, and strength are just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank God there are still Black men out there who appreciate Franz Fanon. Brother Dhoruba Toure Shakur of St. Louis’ Black Souljahz group puts it down for the thought-provoking 1963 classic.

Finally, don’t sleep: Earl Sweatshirt is hip-hop this summer. If you haven’t checked out his mixtape, check out his mixtape.


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