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Mariah Carey broke the internet, or at least our eardrums when she sang her classic, “All I Want For Christmas” at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Special. In typical internet fashion, people jumped on Carey’s performance as the singer who typically hits every high note in the world with ease, struggled like nobody’s business to even get close to the notes. Now she’s blaming NBC producers because videos of her struggling performance without the music have been making their rounds on the internet. As if the performance wasn’t painful enough!

According to New York Daily News, the disgruntled workers are to blame for Mariah’s shotty vocals seeing the light of day and subsequently doing viral. It’s been said that production workers attached to the NBC broadcast were upset that Mariah kept them waiting three hours in the cold of winter the night of the show’s taping. Mariah also failed to show up for the taping at all and because of that, they had to rely on her live performance of “All I Want For Christmas” and welp, we know what that sounds like. Producers tried their best to cover Mariah’s vocals with audio mixing (read: they relied heavily on backup singers, music and the audience’s cheers).

“It’s really hard to leak ‘just’ audio,” snickers a source close to the production. “Mariah is blaming producers for leaking her audio track. She believes they did it to punish her for not showing up to taping the day before the live event!”

Carey’s camp denies any network involvement in the leaked audio and says that Mariah used a wireless mic, so anyone in attendance could have recorded the isolated track. The blame of course needs to go on someone else and that someone is not Mariah’s vocals.

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