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Actress, choreographer, director and all-around phenomenal woman Debbie Allen appeared on the “Today” show to promote her musical “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker” and Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford would be remiss if they didn’t ask her about Bill Cosby’s rape allegations. Allen’s sister is Phylicia Rashad and because we all watched the Cosby Show growing up, we know she played Cosby’s wife for eight years.

No one has ever been as close to Cosby as Allen is and danced around answering the controversial question of what the heck is going on with Cosby like she did. Allen not only managed to praise Cosby’s contributions to the Black community, but highlight her role as a womanist and she brought it home by bringing up worldly issues that should still have our attention. Gotta love her! Check out Allen’s epic response:

“It begs to ask the bigger question–where’s the moral spine in America and in the world today. How are we raising our daughters, our sons? Where are we looking for the guidance for how we’re supposed to live. Cosby gave us one of the greatest shows in history and redefined the perception of Black people all over the world. Then, at the same time, I am a part of One Billion Rising–a movement for women to stand up against violence and denigration of women. This is a tough situation and it’s hard to believe. I don’t know–so much time is passed before they have all come together.

My mother asks me everyday, ‘Why now? Why are these people trying to destroy his legacy?’ My mother is really upset. You know there’s people who are totally rooting for this to end and standing in line to see his show. There’s people who are like, ‘This happened and we have to stand together.’ It has to be looked at. If there’s a problem, we have to get some help for that. I still want to know where the girls who were stolen in Africa…we’re talking about denigration of women and what happens to women, where are those girls?

Talking about the moral code in America, we have elected politicians who are moving the goalpost for eligibility to vote. I am shifting the conversation because I think all of this is part of the same thing. We’re going into the holiday season and we need E.T. come down just to tell us that we’re little the world of the vast universe and we need to come together. We have to find some civility.”

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