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Don’t let stress get to you! Not only does it make you feel frustrated and anxious, it can actually cause sicknesses. Doing yoga and meditating helps me to calm my mind, but we can do more to clear our lives from unnecessary stress factors. Here are some of those small things that might be triggering your stress levels:

1. You’re surrounded by clutter

When the space you live or work in is cluttered, you’re adding unnecessary tension to your life. Apparently because of how your brain processes visual information, it will automatically think “chaos” (even if you know exactly where everything is). This will affect your ability to focus, make you distracted and even slow down your knack for interpreting information. So put on your cleaning music and take out some time today to reorganize your space. Minimize the clutter and your brain will thank you for it.

2. Everyone around you is stressed

Stress can be one of those things that becomes contagious when you’re surrounded by it. Dubbed “empathic stress,” this phenomenon causes your body to produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as if you’re the one under pressure. If you can’t move away from these people, at least try to face away from them. Or, invest in some plants. Studies have found that plants reduce stress for everyone in the workplace.

3. You’re obsessed with social media

I’m definitely guilty of this one. I mean… my job requires me to be on social media all day, and even when I’m off work, I stay on social media for Ready Set Happy. Sure, socializing with friends is a great way to live happier and longer, but using social media sites or relying on text to stay connected with your buddies doesn’t really count. Technology deters real physical interactions, which can trigger damaging social comparisons with friends and acquaintances. Remember, your friend’s digital persona might not really be what he or she is really like in person. If you make these digital comparisons, it’ll stress you out for no reason. Balance is key!

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