There are amazing things you can do with Ramen noodles, especially if you’re on a budget like me. Add some soy sauce, chopped chicken, shrimp and veggies and you have a meal.

On the other hand, 18-year-old Georgi Readman’s, from the Isle of Wright in the U.K. has eaten nothing but Ramen noodles for 13 years. Now, that’s a bit extreme. Her diet consists of noodles exclusively, doctors say she has an addiction to Ramen noodles. She cannot stand the texture fruit and vegetables, so her diet is made out of carbs only.

Readman consumes approximately 30 miles of noodles every year, and usually chows down two packs per serving, even eating them raw. And Doctors believe that she suffers from an eating disorder that makes her be very selective with her food choices. The rare disorder affects children and persists as they grow up.

Experts say she has the body of an 80-year old person. In my humble opinion, she needs a plate of Big Momma’s collard greens, because the girl is full of it.

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