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Saturday at 12 noon is the scheduled time of Whitney Houston’s funeral. In honor of the life and legacy of Whitney, we will do a moment of silence.

At 12 noon our ID will play, followed a recorded intro explaining it. “Radio One remembers the great Whitney Houston and in her honor we ask you to join the Radio One family for a moment of silence”. Then we have 30 seconds of silence, followed by her biggest record “I Will Always Love You”.

This will give listeners goose bumps and maybe bring people to tears. Our listeners expect us to honor her and this is just a small way we can recognize what a big part of our lives that she represented.

Also, we will be featuring 3 Whitney songs per hour all weekend. They will be spotlighted with a piece of imaging that says something like, “My 92.7 remembers Whitney Houston….” in a very somber tone. Again, our listeners expect their favorite radio station to be their companion, their friend and this is another way we accomplish that. Our radio stations must have emotions and this weekend we are sad.

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