From the moment Jagged Edge stepped onto the scene in 1998 with voices like silk mixed with the ruggedness of the dirty south they created a lane in R&B music that no other group can master. Melodically speaking to the souls of many women around the world in songs such as “Promise”, “Let’s Get Married”, “He Can’t Love You”, “Walk Outta Heaven”, “Good Luck Charm”, and I can’t forget the song that helped many men express how they felt about that special woman, “I Gotta Be”.  After 11 years in this business they are re-structuring, re-grouping, and re-focusing to bring us a new sound into a new age in music. With a new label, a new album, and a new single I had plenty to talk about with the men that gave us A Jagged Era, J.E Heartbreak, Jagged Little Thrill, Hard, Jagged Edge and Baby Making Project. With two platinum albums under their belts and a catalog that speaks volumes Jagged Edge is a mainstay in R&B music.

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